Charge your adventures...

Add some energy to your next adventure with a dual battery setup!

Who said enjoying the outdoors has to be primitive?  Energise your camping, caravanning, trade setup or 4x4 with dual battery systems. We'll select the right dual battery setup mixed with solar, to power your lights, cooking, cooling, heating and all the mod cons you just can’t leave behind.

When choosing your dual battery setup we'll ensure we add up all the amp draw you need to cover what you want to power. Not all dual battery setups are the same, so make sure you chat to us to ensure you get the setup for your needs.

Dual Battery

What do you want to run? How long do you want to run it without charging? There's lots to think about with setting up your dual battery system, and we can help you through the whole process!

Chose from Hulk 4x4 or Redrac Battery Chargers and dozens of battery options.

Available in-store or as a mobile install

Solar Panels

Charge up your dual battery system or your Caravan or Camper with a Solar Panel.

We supply Renogy Solar Panels or bring your own.

Available in-store or as a mobile install

Electric Brakes

Tow your trailer, camper, caravan, horse float or motorbike trailer safely.

They're commonly used for towing over 750kg and are a much safer option to a manual braking system. If your loaded trailer weighs more than 750kg, or has more than one axle you must have some sort of trailer braking system.

We supply and fit Redarc Tow-Pro Elite only.

Available in-store or as a mobile install

Dashcams & Reverse Cameras

Dashcams be extremely valuable when it comes to protecting your vehicle and providing evidence in traffic accidents. We can also install a reverse camera with it

Chose from Polaris or Gator

Available in-store or as a mobile install

UHF and Arials

Reliable communication is a necessity if you're heading bush. Chat to Mat about which radio system will be best for your needs.

We supply and fit Oricom and GME or bring your own.

Available in-store or as a mobile install

Cables & Wiring Parts

Wanting Parts for a DIY wiring job, we can supply you with cables, fuses, lugs etc.

We supply quality Jaylec electrical parts.

Available in-store


Brighten you're camping, driving and caravanning with Driving Lights and Light Bars